Aroma treatment dispatch service Mikazuki. We deliver a soothing relaxation

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Treatment Menu
Our luxurious made-to-order treatments are provided at a very reasonable price. There are 6 choices to select from to combine together.

60mins Aroma Treatment + 30mins Head massage

Your therapist will ask which parts of your body are most tired, and recommend an appropriate combination of treatments.


Aroma treatment
Our professional therapists will give you the all-hand aroma massage using natural essential oil especially blended for you.

The essential oil will absorb into your skin to help keep a good balance for a healthier, stress reduced mind, body and soul.
If you have a tired neck, stiff shoulders, sore back, tired muscles, would like detox, have swollen legs, or sleeplessness – this is for you.


Head Massage
Massaging your head will relieve tension from a tired mind.
If you have tired eyes from using computers or smart-phones, have been drinking excessively over previous nights, are lacking sleep, have a headache from a tired neck – this is for you.


Pressure Massage
Loosens muscle tension by using pressure massage of your body with hands and fingers.

Making your blood circulate better to refresh your body.
If you like strong pressure on your body – this is for you.


Hand Massage
Hands are known as the second brain.
When your hands get tired, your brain will feel stressed.

There are many pressure points on the palms of your hand.
Massaging your palms will make blood circulate and reduce your tiredness and stress.
If you have tiredness in the upper body, arm and fingers – this is for you.


There are many pressure points on the sole of your feet.
The sole of foot is called the second heart.

Stimulating your sole with massage making your blood flow more smoothly and activating your internal organs for better immune strength and metabolism
This treatments perfect if you have swollen and tired legs.


Neck and lower chest
timulating around neck and lower chest will make your blood and lymph liquid circulate.
If you feel like your face is swollen- this is for you.